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Getting Organised: A beginner’s guide on how to journal

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Journals are a fantastic way to plan ahead and stay organized, whilst being a great creative outlet at the same time. But if you’ve never kept a journal knowing how to get started can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve teamed up with artist Michaela, from @makememoriestoday, to give you an exclusive How-To in creating your very own journal spread. Read on to learn more!

Hi guys, Michaela here! Join me as I show you how I create my double-page, weekly journal spreads from scratch! I hope you enjoy the process.

Choose A Theme

When planning a new journal spread I first decide on a theme. The great thing about creating your own spread is that you literally start from scratch. It can be scary at first but following a theme makes it easier to tackle those creative blocks! Here I’ve gone for a mermaid inspired look. Other ideas to try out are: tropical, cacti (and all things plant-like), and of course seasonal themes are always a winner.

Don’t forget to select a matching color scheme. Do swatches, mix and match, have fun with the colors! I usually like to choose 2 or 3 complimentary colors, and if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll throw in a color contrast to make the page pop.


This is where you get to break out the markers and paint. Once you’ve chosen a theme, create your own doodles to express that theme and tell a story. You can be as expressive as you wish!


Envision your week, what key features do you want to focus on? Do you want to track appointments? Are there any big moments to highlight? Or are you creating this as a fun filled memory of the week just gone by?

I use my weekly spread as a visual documentation of the past week. A great way to do this is to make lists. A few of my favorite headlines are: reading wish list, TV shows I’m loving, gratitude lists and happy moments. I find that this way your journal not only keeps your organized, but also serves as a positive reminder of good times.

Fill Out The Blanks

Time for the writing! The idea is to keep it short and simple to start with, but feel free to review as you go. That way you can add more and give more depth to the sections you wish to.

Finishing Touches

You’re almost done. Look over your pages, are there any blank spaces? This is where you can add the final flourishes. Here, I’ve added more mini doodles (flowers are always a must for me). Decorating with washi, stickers or glitter can be lots of fun too!

And voila, you’re done! You’ve created your very own journal spread. Using your creative skills to stay productive, doesn’t get much better than this. Happy journaling!

The finished look.

Journalling Process Video


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