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MozArt'z Top 5 Back to School Essentials

I think we can all agree the best part of going back-to-school is shopping for new stationery supplies! Whether your kids are starting school for the first time or you're heading off to college we have you covered. Here's a handy round up of the top 5 back-to-school essentials for the new term.

Note taking, sketching and design work will be made easy with this Mech pencil set. With 4 pencils in different sized tips along with lead and eraser refills it'll last you all year long.


Impress your friends with our 24 color Dual Brush Pen set. From color coded note taking to arts and crafts projects, this set will have you covered. We also have a set with 12 colors perfect for on the go students.


This 12 color Single Brush Pen is perfect for decorating your planners and notebooks! And if you're on the coloring book train, this is perfect for it. The colors are vibrant and the ink is water blendable. Check out the larger 20 color Single Brush Pen set as well!


Our 24 color Essential Watercolor Set is perfect for school projects! It's packaged in a sturdy metal case, ideal for whipping out in class and storing in your backpack.


The Origami Adventure Pack makes the perfect addition to your stationery supplies. It's not only for Origami. The beautiful paper can be used to make revision flashcards, collage material for school journal, card making supplies for when it's your favorite teacher's birthday. The list goes on and on!

There you have it! MozArt's top 5 back to school essentials. Shop the whole range here.

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