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Watercolor Galaxy with Becky Starsmore

This galaxy-like painting looks complicated but it is absolutely simple and very fun to do!

Here is a step-by-step to creating your very own galaxy.

We chose Mozart’s Komorebi Japanese Watercolor Paint Set for this gorgeous artwork because it is highly pigmented which is perfect for this project! Make sure to use a heavyweight, smooth surfaced watercolour paper. Use a washi tape to hold it in place as you outline your chosen shape. Hourglass, circle, triangle or even hexagon! Alright, let's get to it!

Step 1: Initially, load a large, round brush with clean water and begin to saturate your shape. This will help the colours blend and flow within your shape.

Step 2: Saturate your brush with your first colour and when you are ready, start at the center and give it the freedom to move on its own and  follow the flow.

Step 3: Work your way from the lightest to the darkest of colours. Remember to wash your brush every time you move to your next colour. This keeps everything looking vibrant.

Step 4: Your paper will then have a lot of pigment and water so if you have any areas with little pools of water or too much colour, just dab them with a tissue to remove the excess. This will also create the illusion of clouds and stars.

Step 5: Allow your watercolour to dry fully before you start adding your stars.

Step 6: Use a toothbrush to flick white acrylic over your piece. Use a fine paintbrush to paint on the starts so it'll give more depth. Lastly, use a gel pen to create the bright starbursts. And you're done!

Your Galaxy Painting is now complete.

Go ahead, practice and experiment with colors. With Mozart’s Komorebi Japanese Watercolor Paint Set, you will surely enjoy doing so. It even has the metallics and neons that you will need for that perfect pop of color. Happy painting!

The finished look.

Quick and Easy Video Tutorial


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