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How to Increase Your Productivity Through Journaling

Updated: May 2, 2020

Ever felt that although you are always busy you haven't got all you hoped to accomplish done?

Well, you are not alone! Luckily journaling can help get rid of that feeling and boost productivity in the following ways:

  • It provides a grounded, positive start to the day

  • You can use it to reflect on previous actions and plan going forward

  • It helps you to lead an intentional life - this means you focus on the tasks you need and want to do and think about why you are doing them

  • Acts a brain dump, so you can de-clutter your mind and use the extra brainpower to focus on getting things done - Improves focus, allows you to set achievable goals and prioritize

  • Gives you a space to be as creative as you want, which often feeds into your productivity

  • Creates the space for reflection and provides data from your life with which to reflect on.

What are my journal choices?

What you want out of journaling will define which type of journal you choose to keep. There are three basic types of journals you can keep for productivity: a bullet journal, a planner style journal, and a freestyle journal.


Bullet journalling

A bullet journal is a very popular way of journaling created by Ryder Carroll to help increase his productivity, as he tried to overcome the learning disabilities he was diagnosed with in early life.


Images and videos under Bullet Journalling are from Amanda Rach Lee's Instagram Page. She's a YouTuber and an artist who is known for her pretty bullet journal spreads.

It is a system that:

Helps you track the past, organise the present and plan for the future

  • Encourages you to break your goals up into small achievable chunks

  • Uses the notation of a dot “.” for Tasks, a circle “O” for Events and a dash “-” for Notes

  • It can be enhanced by as much creative and design input and you wish.


Planner Style Journal

These are planner systems that are already created for you, normally with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views, think Filofax, Hobonichi, or Midori inserts. There are loads of options out there! If you are going for this option choose one that suits your needs best in terms of planning and allows as much space as you need for creativity.

See @CarieHarling's inspiring planner spreads below. Carie Harling is an amazing journal lover who loves fall colors and her planner stickers!



With this style of the journal, it's all completely in your hands! Blank journals are often the best for this, check out our MozArt journal with its acid-free paper and non-bleed through pages it’s perfect to get productive creatively!


Ready to get started?

All you need is a journal and a pen! Washi tape and brush pens are also really helpful if you want to get creative and add a bit of color as well as order to your life! Feeling inspired and creative? Treat yourself to our freestyle journal and MozArt brush pens and start your monthly spread!

We would love to see how you get on, tag us on Instagram or Facebook @mozartsupplies using #MozArtist for a chance to be featured.

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